Cultural Teaching

From the outset of our all our programs, Urban Circle has built a strong Indigenous cultural component into the curriculum which has proven to be the heart of our program. At the core is the Sharing Circle, where students and staff are able to share with one another at increasingly deeper levels as the trust within the Circle grows.

Through the Sharing Circle and the Healing Circle, as well as the sharing of life stories, which is done by both staff and students as part of the life skills curriculum, a very healthy group dynamic is established which encourages growth and empowerment. Through this process, a great deal of life’s past or present pain surfaces and can be dealt with in a supportive and loving environment. It is often the unresolved pain that can present obstacles to growth, to positive self-esteem and to employment.

This portion of the curriculum occurs early in the first weeks of the program in order to give students adequate time to deal with their internal growth and change before entering the demands of the workplace.

National Centre for Collaboration

"Urban Circle Elders Audrey Bone & Stella Blackbird sharing their Knowledge with other education facilities"

"Makwa Mee Nuun - The Medicine Woman of Riding Mountain"