Staff / Team

Urban Circle is directed by very loving and supportive Elders, and a staffing team of competent and qualified educators who know and understand our community. We place strong emphasis on self-directed learning, self-actualization, and empowerment. Our students are encouraged to set their own personal goals, as well as their group goals and commitments. This process results in excellent attendance and full participation in the classroom.

Administrative Team

Haven Stumpf - Executive Director   

Vikkie Brown - Executive Assistant   

Kayla Sittler  - Administrative Assistant 

Nancy Larkin - Apprenticeship Coordinator/Counsellor                          

Patti Wandowich - Intake Coordinator/Recruiter/Community Liaison                          

Mitch Bourbonniere - Resource Facilitator

Stephen Britton - Principal/Education Advisor

Eleanor Thompson - Founder/Advisor

Adult Education and Employment Program Team

Denise Everett - Life Skills Coach/Program Counsellor

D. Allan Jolly - Teacher

Alex Jackson - Teacher/Education Coordinator

Educational Assistant Program Team

Brianne Sand - Life Skills Coach/Program Counsellor

Nadera Nowrang - Academic Instructor/ Work Placement Coordinator

Family Support Worker Program Team

Erin Stranger - Life Skills Coordinator/Life Skills Coach/Program Counsellor

Health Care Aide/Health Unit Clerk Program Team

Brianne Sand - Life Skills Coach/Program Counsellor

          Employee Highlights

Kayla Sittler recipient of the IIene Meder Scholarship, now working at Urban Circle Training Centre Inc.

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