Success Stories

At Urban Circle, we have one of the highest success rates among adult learning and employment centres in Canada. With an average graduation rate of 88%, and employment rates of up to 92%, program graduates leave our Centre with the skills, abilities, and confidence to make positive change in the lives of their families and their communities.

When I first decided I wanted to be in the health care field, Urban Circle was my top choice of where I wanted to attend school. The reason it was my top choice was because of testimonies from former students. So, coming in I had high expectations and I have to say not only were those met they were exceeded. -HCA/HUC 2018-2019

My first day of orientation was delightful, the minute I walked through the doors I just knew I wanted to be here. All the staff seemed happy, polite and very welcoming. - HCA/HUC 2018-2019

Through the life skills I was able to really evaluate who I was and continue to be as a human being as well as examine my role as a mother and community helper. With the guidance of my life skills instructor I was able to look within and find a safe space for healing as well as gathering valuable knowledge about journeying with others who are at different stages in their own lives and meeting them where they are in a healthy way. Perhaps the most valuable aspect to this is the way life skills forever altered my perspective as a parent because once you know something it can never be unknown. I feel like I can now lead by example for my own family as well as the future families I will be working with in my professional practice as a Family Support Worker. - FSW 2019 

Prior to coming here, I knew nothing about my culture or really who I was. Urban Circle is by far the best learning environment I personally have ever been in. Yes, it’s a classroom and a “school” but it's also much more than that. Life Skills and our Elders teachings help us as individuals heal and learn to deal with the things we have gone through in our lives as well as help us figure out who we are as people and learn our culture, traditions and ceremonies. If it wasn’t for Urban Circle, I would have never done things like participating in a sweat or being able to receive a spirit name. growing up and in school I never had access too or even knew where to go to learn these things. - EA 2018-2019

Currently feel like I have a sense of belonging. Walking in the building and seeing smiling faces greeting me makes me feel great. I have made the right choice to become an Urban Circle student. We have been taught how to connect with our Culture through teaching from a respectful Elder, Audrey Bone. We have also been taught how to deal with different problem-solving situations with ourselves. Given this opportunity to do this gives us a better chance of being successful with helping the children we will be working with in the future. Being able to provide a positive relationship is very important too. EA 2018-2019

Personally, I think the incorporation of our cultural practices has played a part in my desire to obtain a diploma. It had also made me realize that I needed healing from trauma I buried deep into my soul. Morning smudge and check in, sharing circle, medicine picking, life skills, elders teaching, and my first time entering a sweat. I feel these have helped me spiritually, mentally and also has given me motivation to follow through with what I started. - AEEP